“SaltWorks” –Return to the Sea


Last Sunday, August 25, the Monterey Museum of Art was filled to capacity.  See the YouTube video clips to get a feel for the community response , both here and in an older YouTube video of Charleston, North Carolina where Yamamoto teaches , if you didn’t get a chance to be there yourself! The line went out the door to see the the closing of the Motoi Yamamoto exhibit SaltWorks”  (see my earlier post dated July 3 for the review of the exhibit).  The participatory experience for those of us who had the opportunity to disassemble the artwork was popular, especially with young children.  Beginning with the new executive director, Charlotte Eyerman, each attendee was able to scoop up a paper cup’s worth of salt (paper cups supplied) and transport it to the sea at Fisherman’s wharf.

It was encouraging to see how enthusiastic local Monterey residents are to be involved in a museum exhibit.  The community really turned out for this event.  Hopefully, future events will have an increase in attendance as well.  I personally brought home the salt and threw it in the fire pit for good luck and to reinforce the Buddhist principle of the impermanence of all existence.   We need more communty involvement in our local arts programs.


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  1. I will do the same too. This is an exciting event for the community and for the family, ecpecially for the small children. I really missed the fum.

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