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“Salamander”—Hiding Under a Rock

"Salamander" the movie
“Salamander” the movie


This Belgian drama twelve-part  TV miniseries, released through Netflix and BBC in 2014, is a crime thriller in the same league as the edge-of-the-seat series Wallander, Bridge, and The Killing.

A small private bank in Brussels, is robbed of 66 safe deposit boxes belonging to some of the most prominent statesmen in Belgium. A scandal is brewing since all are members of a secret society, code-named Salamander, dating back to the Second World War. A highly scrupulous police inspector Paul Gerardi (Filip Peeters) begins the investigation, unaware of the implications for himself and for national security. Suicides and murders are only part of the consequence of his detective work. The conspiracy has to be coaxed from under its rock of secrecy and the darkness of its immorality. “Salamander” is the story of one man against the establishment of corruption and wealth, carefully plotting his hunt for the perpetrators in a series of episodes with methodical revelations of clues. Gerardi’s life devolves into a nightmare for him and for his family.

“Salamander” is set for an English-language remake by Oscar-winning filmmaker and director Paul Haggis (of “Crash” and “Million Dollar Baby” fame). A second series is also being written by the Belgian film maker.

This TV series is both addicting and electrifying. “Salamander” is meticulous craftsmanship that should be retrieved from under its rock.

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