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Things Unsaid–My Debut Novel’s Book Launch


I’m so excited Things Unsaid is now available at Amazon in paperback and e-book formats as well as at your local indie bookstore. Published by She Writes Press, a small indie press devoted to women authors, Things Unsaid is my writer’s journey into fiction, a journey that has taken almost three years.

Things Unsaid
Things Unsaid

If you are in Northern California, please check out three local book events happening over the next two weeks. I would LOVE to have you join me!

1) This Sunday, October 18, 3:00-4:30 Folio Books, SF (Noe Valley)– Tea and cookies will be served.

2) Friday, October 23, 4:00-6:00 McIntyre Wine Tasting Room,  The Crossroads Shopping Center, Carmel–Complimentary glass of wine to all who RSVP!

A second glass of a different wine, if you bring your copy of Things Unsaid or purchase a copy onsite for signing. E-book receipts are also included.  There will be a raffle!

3) Friday, October 30, 5:00-7:00, Green Chalk Contemporary Art Gallery, Monterey–Sponsored by Crystal Fish Sushi. Seiko Atsuko Purdue’s art will also be on exhibit!

Here are what people are saying about Things Unsaid:

1)… In a carefully crafted cautionary tale, Diana Paul writes a story of a family that could be anyone’s family…Family ties are stressed to the breaking point. … Moral dilemmas, emotional roller-coasters, sacrifice and duty abound in this tense novel that exposes raw human emotion—sparing no one the pain that comes with such issues.  [StoryCircleBookReviews]

2) … Family is never easy to deal with, elderly family is even more difficult. “Things Unsaid” tells of the tightrope act that is fulfilling familial duty and obligation. [BlackDogSpeaks]

3) …. Her novel, Things Unsaid, dissects family and generational relationships not only from the traditional storytelling perspective – and she tells a compelling story – but also from the wellspring of her philosophical beliefs. [SnowflakesArise]

4) I have to say I was hooked on the story as it unfolded and found it hard to put down. It’s well-written for a start with plenty of attention to detail and a strong sense of place. The characters are amazingly well-drawn. It’s almost as though Diana has written about people she knows, she gets into their innermost thoughts and feelings so well” [–UK]

5) This story was almost hard to digest, because it speaks of a family in such dysfunction that it is painstaking to read. But, that is exactly what makes this story so wonderful and different. [Goodreads]

6) Things Unsaid, a provocative read, asks us to consider what children owe their aging parents and siblings… As we come to know this dysfunctional family — a narcissistic mother, a shadow-like father, and two calculating siblings — we watch as Jules struggles financially and emotionally to meet their needs.  [Amazon]

Come to one book event, if you can, or more than one! Let’s party!


Note: To learn more about Things Unsaid, recent press, and articles I am currently writing for a range of online and print media, please visit my author website at: or click the tab above, “My Author Site” for more information.

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