Month: October 2012

A Shanghai High

Shanghai skyline I want to thank Susie Berteaux  for being the guest blogger for the last two excellent posts,  “Fairy Tale Updated” and ” Go for Broke”, while I was having a wonderful two-week adventure in China. Shanghai, our first gateway city to China — aka “the Paris of Asia”– is renowned for its historical landmarks: the Bund, the Yuyuan classical Ming gardens, the French and British Concessions, as well as the extensive and growing skyline, the “showpiece” of the booming economy of mainland China.   Shanghai is bisected...

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Fairy Tale Updated

The retelling of Fairy Tales of my childhood has been an interesting journey for me. If you know the children’s books by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith (The Stinky Cheeseman and other Fairly Stupid Tales, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, and others) you might know where I’m coming from. The real trick in really appreciating the “new” look at fairly tales is that you have to know the original stories.  My parents provided me with a large sized Golden Book of Fairy Tales and read these tales to me before I could read and then encouraged me to read them myself when I started to learn to read...

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“Go for Broke”

Hi, Let me introduce myself to the followers of “Unhealed Wound.” I am Susie Berteaux, friend of Diana and Doug, who has a blog of my own – “S&J’s Big Adventure(s).” I guess, since I have my own blog, Diana thought that qualified me to be the  substitute blogger while she and Doug are traveling the vast, beautiful and  fascinating country of China.  When she gets back, we will all be waiting for her discoveries of art, culture and …food. I hope you all will find my postings as interesting and educational as Diana’s.   For this posting, I will “GO FOR BROKE!” as I attended the 11th Annual...

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Azuki–The Sushi, Not the Bean

We’ve eaten at just about every high-end sushi restaurant that exists in any town we are in, looking for the Holy Grail of sushi, and some standouts have really  been memorable.  In San Diego, I believe that  Azuki belongs in the same category as the best we’ve been to: for its freshness, creative presentation, and quality of preparation. Located in Banker’s Hill near Balboa Park, Azuki is both a “sushi-ya” restaurant and watering hole.  We arrived at the door (beautiful glass with azuki beans inside the panels) just as the Happy Hour was ending but the friendly...

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