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Month: August 2022

“Infinite Storm”—In the Eye of

Based on a true story, Infinite Storm recreates the 2010 rescue from Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. A blizzard is about to be unleashed, and Pam Bales (Naomi Watts) knows that this will be a challenging climb.  But the viewer does not know her motivation for undertaking what seems like an unnecessary risk in the approaching storm.  Nonetheless, she packs her backpack and emergency supplies and begins the climb, only midway finding tracks that indicate someone wearing sneakers is hiking in the vicinity. We see unimaginable physical exertion, and near-death heroics to continue the trek...

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Queen—A Regal Redemption

In this French/Polish miniseries of four episodes, Queen is a highly unexpected feel-good story of a sought-after Parisian bespoke tailor who, in the evenings, is a celebrated drag queen known as “Loretta”. Long absent from his wife and daughter’s lives back in the small Polish village of his childhood, Silvestre Bork (Andrzej Seweryn), now living in Paris, is reluctantly preparing for retirement and the pleasure of being himself with his coterie of friends. He fits perfectly with a sophisticated life on the French Riviera. Silvestre’s closest friend, Corentin (Kova Réa),...

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Thirteen Lives”—An Unlucky Number?

Thirteen Lives (directed by Ron Howard) retells the heart-pounding rescue mission from June 23,  2018.  A dozen Thai soccer players, aged 11 to 16, and their coach were trapped in a flooded, terrifyingly claustrophobic cave system during an unexpected monsoon rainstorm in northern Thailand.  A massive international rescue effort of more than 10,000 people are deployed to save the  twelve soccer players and their coach.  Will rescuers be able to deliver them to safety without a loss of life?  Potential disaster lurks around every twist in the labyrinthine...

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Ten Series/ Movies to Avoid—Meh!

As we  become more committed to watching and bingeing shows on Netflix and a myriad of streaming platforms, I find an evening can be entirely wasted viewing disappointing shows, some of which are highly praised by others.  I am willing to risk viewing an idiosyncratic film or series now and then, one that flies under the radar and defies categorization as well. Much to my dismay, some of these choices (listed below) have few negative reviews. Others are just—IMHO—poorly written, lack character development, substitute long action sequences for much needed dialogue, or have...

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