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Artist Statement


I love printmaking, because I feel that there are no mistakes. I love writing just as much and am currently polishing the final draft of my novel, The Unhealed Wound. To me these two creative processes are intertwined and this belief was reinforced when I read that the author of The Time Traveler’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger, had been and continues to be a well-respected printmaker, before she leaped into writing her first novel!

One of my favorite prints is my first copper etching—an image of weeds—that had been dipped into rather gritty, sludge-like acid. When I pulled the copper out of the acid, there was a little pea-sized blob on the copper. I was so upset that my etching had been ruined. But when I rinsed off the acid, the blob had washed off, revealing a beautiful, perfectly etched miniature bug—wings and all—delicately hanging upside down on a tiny branch.

So, that experience epitomizes printmaking for me: both in art and in life, the unexpected can be a beautiful surprise.

My focus is on a Japanese aesthetic combined with a mixed media approach to the image, usually an organic one, with an element of surprise or the unexpected. Food and other organic themes are my favorites! My art has been exhibited in California, Hawaii, and Japan and featured in the art journals Blood Lotus, Ascent Aspirations and 5 x 5.

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