Month: September 2016

“Morgan”—Science Embedded in Sci-Fi

Viewers of science fiction movies have an interest in the scientific ideas driving the plot. In the sci-fi movie, “Morgan”, ( a computer captures Morgan’s behavior with the intention of giving an in-depth understanding of the science behind artificial intelligence. For years a team of scientific researchers have been at work creating, developing and observing artificial humans. Morgan is their latest prototype. The group of people charged with Morgan’s care were optimistic about the advanced development of its artificial intelligence. Although only...

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“Weiner” — An Attention-Getter

Weiner   Hubris, narcissism, tabloid spectacle and massive self-deception collide with the mesmerizing inevitability of a slow-motion trainwreck in “Weiner”. The movie is an engrossing, almost shamefully entertaining documentary about former congressman Anthony Weiner and politics at its most sensationalist and superficial. After a promising career as a rising Democratic star that began as New York’s youngest city council member, Anthony Weiner became perhaps better known as the pugnacious, delusional punch line for his dick pics in a Twitter account to a college student in 2011. He resigned...

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“The Broad”—A Vast Expansion of Modern Art

  Murakami The Broad Museum, funded by billionaire philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad, is one of the hottest tickets in downtown Los Angeles. Just scan the huge stand-by crowds for tickets (which are free) on a weekday early in the afternoon. Maybe they heard about the special selfie opportunities? The millennial crowd seems to  swipe patiently on their iPhones while eating from food trucks parked in front of the giant white building. Origami-like corrugated folds covering a vault-like interior with glass elevator and escalator, The Broad’s architecture accentuates the contemporary art...

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