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“Morgan”—Science Embedded in Sci-Fi

Viewers of science fiction movies have an interest in the scientific ideas driving the plot. In the sci-fi movie, “Morgan”, ( a computer captures Morgan’s behavior with the intention of giving an in-depth understanding of the science behind artificial intelligence.

For years a team of scientific researchers have been at work creating, developing and observing artificial humans. Morgan is their latest prototype. The group of people charged with Morgan’s care were optimistic about the advanced development of its artificial intelligence. Although only five human years old, Morgan appears to be about twelve. There is a reason the central character in the movie “Morgan” has a genderless name. In the movie the main character, Morgan,is referred to as “it”, the product of secretive scientific research at a remote facility. After an unexpected and horrific incident occurs, a risk assessment employee (Kate Mara) from corporate headquarters arrives to investigate, her very presence increasing the tension and drama, moving the plot forward.

Anya Taylor-Joy effectively played Morgan as a haunted creation, trying to understand the world, and how to live in it. The movie’s most compelling character, Morgan’s movements and haunted, expressive face are unforgettable and stay with this viewer long after the movie ended.

Although “Morgan” has some good performances, it lacks character development that mirrors the flaws of some science fiction prose. The characters are flat at times and one-dimensional. Dr. Alan Shapiro (Paul Giamatti) and Dr. Amy Menser (Rose Leslie) could have been more fully developed personalities with clearly defined motives.

This is a movie for sci-fi lovers but not on the level of “Ex Machina”.

Lenore Gay, guest blogger

This post was written by Lenore Gay, author of Shelter of Leaves, a suspenseful novel about a dystopia reality in the aftermath of terrorism. Lenore was gracious enough to cover for me while I was on vacation.Go to her author website: for more information about her writing.

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