The abstract prints of Diana.

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  1. Diana, besides psychedelic fern, I think I love conifer cone best. I love the warm /cool contrasts and the negative / positive contrasts. I also see many very, very satisfactory compositions within the greater composition. You could definitely play with the work using two L shaped view framers and also on your computer to find even more possibilities. It is very dynamic. Kathleen

  2. Litho, serigraph, silk screen… I never knew you had done it all!
    My favorite – I love the graphic design quality and the color.

    Mildred Pierce was a remarkable piece of work by Kate Winslet. I really enjoy watching her.
    My comment is we can learn a lot from Mildred… including “getting stinko.”

  3. Diana,
    What a wonderful adventure it is to visit your site. The words and the art are extraordinary. In particular I love “circuit city” it’s lively and wondrous. Thanks for sharing your gift with me. As for Mildred Pierce, I truly loved Joan Crawford in the roll, and found Kate Winslet struggling… dont get me wrong, I love Kate, but not in that role. Opinions make the world go round! Fun!

  4. You have been very busy! I too like conifer cone. I like the complexity of the design contrasted with the simple colors. Keep up the good work.
    I’m taking Beth’s silk screen class now and I appreciate the work you went to in cutting out the stencils. Joanne

  5. Hi Diana. I really like your solarplate etchings with monotypes, and with relief. I love how you’re playing with the irregular plate shapes, and the sense of openness you achieve. You create a nice balance between the calm negative space of the paper and the intriguing lines and design of your plates. I really am drawn to Cavities! I love the colors you are working with also. Do you have an image that is of the whole piece, not just the details? I also really like Angles and Curves.

  6. Diana,

    Love Hydromorphosis! The layering of shapes works so well as does the modulation of color. You seem to have made a great connection with Solarplates! Will love watching how this process unfolds for you.

  7. Are prints for sale? I like your artwork a lot. It really draws me in. Santa Fe is especially soothing, and easy to gaze at for long periods of time. 🙂

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