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About Diana

Some of the worldview of Buddhism has subtly permeated my fictional writing.  My short stories have been published in literary journals and I am now working on my second novel, tentatively titled Deeds Undone.  My first  novel, Things Unsaid,   (She Writes Press, 2015), has received multiple awards and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.   I have also written three nonfiction books on Buddhism while I was a professor at Stanford University,  two of which  have been translated into other languages.     Stop by my author website: www.dianaypaul.com for the latest events and articles related to my novel writing.   In addition to writing fiction, I am a printmaker, specializing in woodblock and mixed media prints.  My work has been exhibited in California, Hawaii, and Japan and has also been featured in the art journals Ascent Aspirations, Blood Lotus,  5 x 5, and Imitation Fruit.

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  • Diane,
    I finally arrived! At this site. Lovely and wonderful . Liked the watercolor collage print a bunch. I’m particularly interested in reading more of your movie reviews.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Susan Howe

    • Welcome to my blog! So happy that you had a chance to look at the site. Read some of my past reviews–they may give you some ideas for renting movies.
      Thanks for following!

  • Hi Diana, I just went through your portfolio agin and was delighted once more. Is there a chance sometime in the near future I could view all the work? Show and tell! Are you in Open Studio?
    your printmaking friend… ginger

  • Hello Diana,
    It is great to see you going about this with your irresistible combination of effectiveness and optimism. All good wishes for success in your many endeavors. Love, Cathy Witz

  • Hello Diana…I am the person who fell instantly in love with your lovely print inspired by Spanish architecture, intended for your daughter. I will be taking my husband by tomorrow to view it through the window of the framing shop, and hopefully he will concur. If not, I wondered if your “Organic Carrot” print was available to purchase, as I also loved that, and hopefully it might be a little more affordable for us. We live in snowy Wisconsin, but have just bought a little house in Carmel, and either one, or both, of your prints would be wonderful additions to our new house!
    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Sincerely, Alden Taylor

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