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Ten Series/ Movies to Avoid—Meh!

As we  become more committed to watching and bingeing shows on Netflix and a myriad of streaming platforms, I find an evening can be entirely wasted viewing disappointing shows, some of which are highly praised by others.  I am willing to risk viewing an idiosyncratic film or series now and then, one that flies under the radar and defies categorization as well.

Much to my dismay, some of these choices (listed below) have few negative reviews. Others are just—IMHO—poorly written, lack character development, substitute long action sequences for much needed dialogue, or have pedestrian stories which have been told over and over again or are retooled hoping others won’t know or remember the earlier, often better, version.

Here are my ten movies and series I wish I hadn’t watched—at least one full episode, sometimes two hoping to be hooked in:

  1. Gray Man (movie)—Ryan Gosling (Netflix)
  2. The Longest Ride (movie)—Lolita Davidovich (Netflix)
  3. The Lost City (movie)—Sandra Bullock (Epix)
  4. The Lucky One (movie)—Zac Efron (Netflix)
  5. Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom (movie)—(Netflix)
  6. Made in Italy (movie)–Liam Neeson (Netflix)
  7. Old Man (series)–Jeff Bridges (Hulu)
  8. On the Rocks (movie)—Bill Murray (Netflix)
  9. The Square (movie)—Elizabeth Moss (Netflix)

10)Terminal List (series)—Chris Pratt (Amazon Prime)

Please post your comments and opinions for these ten—as well as add to my list—in the comments section below.  Your evaluations of films and series help others in deciding who they want to invite onto their screen for viewing.

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