Green Chalk Contemporary–It’s All About Fish

The year-old gallery, Green Chalk Contemporary,  in Monterey, is currently presenting “FRESH FISH “, a show of  over 50  artworks  contributed by local, national and international artists.  Emotionally resonant subject matter, expressive brushwork, vibrant colors, deep and rich paint and ink tones, mixed media, found objects and industrial materials all are evident in eclectic compositions.  Squid ink, seaweed, threads, epoxy and glass, and dried anchovies screamed out “FISH.” This exhibit ( part of the Lighthouse District’s Big Splash” events going on in various parts of Monterey, including the Aquarium) will be open until August 9.

David Higgins

While I would have difficulty selecting standouts in an exceptional show, the sculpture by David Higgins, “Ghost Fish”–hand built of epoxy– is a marvel and almost irresistible to refrain from touching.

Jerry Takigawa
Jerry Takigawa
Tom Nakashima

Jerry Takigawa’s photograph of the fluid movement of a fish into almost an abstract animated image is stunning.  Not to be missed is Tom Nakashima’s “It’s Natural”,  a whimsical oil painting of a school of sheephead, the fish that morphs from female to male.

Go and explore, engage the eye in some one-on-one fish gazing.   The opening reception featured fish heads and other corporal parts artistically laid out in an ice bucket at the front entrance to entice passersby to come in and take a look!  And mission was accomplished–this was a very well-attended event.

Green Chalk

[Green Chalk Contempoary, 616 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, CA 93940]