“Letting Go”–A short story published in “Blood and Thunder”

In the fall issue 2011 of Blood and Thunder, a literary journal published by the University of Oklahoma Medical School, my short story “Letting Go” appears, exploring the theme of the ill and dying.  Blood and Thunder does not publish issues online and I could not scan the published version for my blog.

Consequently, click on the cover image above and you will be taken to the fourteen-page document published in its entirety in the current issue.  A version of this short story is being included in the final draft of my novel, Unhealed Wound.  I would be very, very interested in receiving your comments!


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  • I just finished reading your short story. Powerful and gritty. You set the stage nicely. It rang true. Smelled right. You had all the awkwardness sketched out perfectly.

    You put the ugliness out there and wrapped it in fear. I like the fact that you did not say too much. You let the interpersonal angst have a life of its own. The “Letting Go” for me was multi faceted, multi generational, complicated and in the end ironical. Who was and was not letting go of what! The restraint of not explaining the whys and the whats allowed me as the reader to engage in your experience.

    Best line for me was:
    “as if cold cream had removed not only her makeup but her personality.”

    Did you call your own mother “mother” or “mom”? Did you use “mother” to show a formality and distance?

    Never sure if message sent and message received is the same. Not even sure it has to be. But that is what I heard. It certainly made me think.

    I wonder if Mary was released… or will mother’s scary, accusatory hand keep reaching out beyond the grave?


  • Congratulations on your publishing
    I look forward to reading the whole novel.
    I was struck by the unpleasant aspect of dying; it has not been my experience with close loved ones of mine who departed.

  • I hadn’t realized how awful a dying person would look or smell.

    I am glad Mary decided to forgive, and hope she will not blame herself for the death. But I suppose anger turns inward.

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