Paper, Scissors, Print–Jennifer D. Anderson Workshop

From complex paper cutting, origami, paper sculpture, to book making, this is an ever-expanding area of design that is gaining in popularity and evolving in new directions.  These intricate paper designs are exhibited in  museums  throughout the world and have become another exciting medium of expression for many designers who wish to combine the digital with more conventional methods of art.

Jennifer D Anderson is an artist and educator who has an innovative style of combining printmaking with paper art techniques including a lacy cutting-style reminiscent of ancient Chinese paper cuts and Mexican wedding banners.  I was fortunate to attend one of her workshops  at Monterey Peninsula College (MPC), and gain a different perspective on paper, how it is made, its physical properties (absorption, weight, sizing, fiber content, machine made vs. handmade) and how to utilize paper for mixed media printmaking.  The two-day workshop started with an overview of European and Asian papermaking, their differences, and different cutting and gluing techniques for each.  For those of you who haven’t tried pasting papers of different types and weights to another sheet of paper, believe me it is not easy! Here is my mixed media piece from the workshop.    

Laminating and pasting were demonstrated in detail (see YouTube for step-to-step demos).  The twenty workshop participants learned how to use digital images, laminating several transparent images together, and combine them with traditional printmaking styles (intaglio and woodcut).

Jennifer received her MFA from the University of Georgia and has taught workshops at the J Paul Getty Museum and the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. Currently assistant professor of art at Hollins University,  those of you in the Bay Area can view her current work of cameo-like prints of anatomical images at “Visceral Intuition,” an exhibition at the MPC Gallery that ends April 13. (Jennifer Anderson’s website is:

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  • I loved the u tube clip
    I had to miss the workshop since I left at that time, this video is so informative and well taken!
    Not only are you a great writer but film maker as well
    Woman of many talents!

  • Very exciting work. Thanks for the share…I am so interested in the paper part of printmaking, including getting off the wall, as it were, and into artifacts. I think Victoria May is going to do a class in bookmaking/photo next fall at Cabrillo– I’ll let you know if I find out more. Also, the summer classes at Cabrillo sometimes have really amazing combos of techniques. Happy printing! xxoo Sharon PS: The Santa Cruz Art League is presenting a show called “Prints Galore!” with jurors Robin McCloskey and Jane Gregorius. Entries are due April 27 and you can get the form and info online at the Art League site.

  • Thanks for blogging about this! What a fantastic workshop, with so much useful info. The you tube video you made of the demos is so great to have as a resource! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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