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“For Independent Minds”–Grey Sparrow Press

The Internet has created vast new horizons for first-time artists and writers–for new voices.  And indie publishers and self-publishing companies help create and reach new audiences for these voices.  But it still is a daily battle to prove that the new distribution channels for creativity are just as good (or better?) than the traditional black-and-white print media.

Small presses have become  a new and legitimate publishing force. Today these small publishers comprise approximately half of market share in the industry.

One such innovative and dynamic literary journal and press is Grey Sparrow, based in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Grey Sparrow offers a “National Treasure” series in the arts, and features a short story or poem by a Pulitzer Prize writer for most issues.  Emerging and established voices are both presented.  As the recipient of the “Best New Journal” award in 2011 by the MLA (Modern Language Association), Grey Sparrow’s mission is to publish visual art, photography, and literature in print and ezine format.  In addition, Grey Sparrow Press publishes books by first-time authors and announces them on its website  (http://store.thelitpub.com).

If you have art, photography or creative writing you would like to offer to a wider audience, and give voice to your story and interpretation, consider submitting to Grey Sparrow.  (Some of my art is featured in the current January 2013 issue.)

Independent publishing and self-publishing can be the perfect solution for voices yet to be heard, for the poetry of memory and time.  Through language and art, we can make what is small, bigger; what is silent, heard; and what is fleeting, eternal.


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