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Art on Vacation

When we were in Napa Valley recently, the concierge at Bardessono recommended a local artist for a private in-room art workshop. Karen Lynn Ingalls was an extraordinary instructor with a very engaging teaching style.  Her specialty is mixed media in vibrantly charged colors.


This delightful painter introduced acrylic painting techniques combined with stenciling and collage, and used a simple paper plate to illustrate the effects from a variety of acrylic media.   These different techniques can be quite confusing, but Karen made them fun for experimentation with different papers and stencils.  We painted with all the rich, happy colors:  yellows and oranges, warm blues and greens, vivid purples and red that glow in an exuberant way, nearly flying off the canvas and paper!  Karen calls her preference for the super-saturated colors “a kind of visual Vitamin C.” And this palate of color would revive the health of even the most anemic composition!



If you are in the Napa Valley area, try some art in between all the hiking, dining, wine tasting and galleries.  It may not be the first activity to come to mind but art can be so much fun. And I recommend the Bardessono, an eco-friendly LEEDS certified hotel, which nurtures not only its guests but the local artist community in Yountville and the surrounding Napa Valley. The Bardessono art collection in and of itself is breathtaking and I have shared one of my favorite pieces here.


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