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David Bowie–Connoisseur of Art

[Guest blogger, Ray Hecht, has provided a post on David Bowie’s private art collection in Hong Kong.   Ray now resides in China.  For more photos, please visit his website:]

Originally posted on the Ray Hecht website on October 24, 2016

 On my last trip to Hong Kong, I was lucky enough to go to the exhibition from the late David Bowie’s private art collection. Although I didn’t bid on the auction any of the pieces, it was a great experience to be able to witness works of art that Bowie had personally owned!

Really fascinating works. The man had an incredible aesthetic, as we all know. The Basquiat pieces particularly stood out:  20161013_163532

And there was even a work of art that Bowie collaborated on with Damien Hirst:


More information can be found at Sotheby’s blog.

Unfortunately, the exhibition was only on for one week before moving to London for November 10-11. During the London weekend festival, Sotheby’s hosted five talks with a panel of curators, writers, designers and producers – all with a connection to Bowie and the art he collected and loved. Held in the galleries and then videotaped for Facebook,  the discussions were hosted by Sotheby’s specialists in Modern British art, Contemporary art and 20th Century Design  allowing audiences a unique opportunity to ask questions about the objects surrounding them in the galleries, and Bowie’s creativity in the art world and beyond. At the heart of the auction is Bowie’s collection of 20th-century British Art, which moves from Damien Hirst from the 1990s to Henry Moore, Graham Sutherland, Eduardo Paolozzi, Patrick Caulfield, Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff. The selection includes key works by Marcel Duchamp, a major influence on Bowie.

Enjoy the Facebook site and have a vicarious visit!



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