“The Last Kingdom”—The Final Battle?

This Netlix-distributed  series (see my December 27, 2021 review of the first four seasons), ends with the fifth and final season,  just  released on  March 9, 2022. The series is based on Bernard Cornwell’s first ten novels of the thirteen novels in the Saxon Stories series , There is no question of its popularity. The Last Kingdom almost crashed the servers streaming the fifth season.

The last season finds Uhtred prepared  to retake his homeland fortress and lands,  Bebbanburg, Uhtred has dedicated  twenty years of his life  to leading bloody battles at great personal sacrifice, in order to seek peace between the Danes and the Saxons.  At great cost to his family and to himself—including the deaths of at least five women he loved, he’s finally made it back to Bebbanburg as both Dane and Saxon. Every twist of fate that took him further from his dream of recapturing his  birthright and home for his children and the Danes has now led him to this moment – when “Destiny is all.”

Uhtred’s quest for Bebbanburg in a fiery, unbelievable climax is set up for continued  conflict with King  Edward, whose obsession is to fulfill his  father’s dream of establishing a united England. Some villains may have been slain, but others remain. And Uhtred’s youngest son, Osbert, now looms on the cusp of becoming an important ally or foe of his father.

Uhtred will keep Northumbria independent: “We will remain between the two, sworn to neither, to ensure peace.”  And this is where the movie in development will continue this medieval saga.  Season 5 definitely does not signal the last battle!

Note:   The sequel, a condensed retelling of books 11-13 of Saxon Stories, –“‘Seven Kings Must Die,” is in development by Netflix  for release at the end of 2023.


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